Tips, suggestions and advice from an experienced mother-of-the-bride

Flowers :)

Whether you’re the bride, bride’s mom  (MOB), or maid of honor (MOH),  wedding year planning, with all its seemingly endless details, will likely overwhelm you. My daughter’s engagement year was a whirlwind of lists, decisions, and emotional peaks and valleys. It was also filled with things we did SO right, as well as those we did SO wrong! I’d like to share while the whole experience is fresh in my mind. From save-the-dates (don’t do them) to wedding day itineraries (crucial), check back as I get my site going, and maybe I can help you avoid some missteps and make it all a wonderful experience!

First Things First

  • DO buy a binder– a BIG binder–  with clear insert pages and dividers (bridal outfit/accessories, bridgesmaids, groom/groomsmen, invitation suite, guest list, reception, ceremony, logistics, flowers). Customize your binder with sections that make sense to you and start getting organized!
  • DON’T be too hasty about choosing your bridal party. Sit on it awhile and enjoy being engaged. Trust me, friendships can change in subtle ways over just six months, let alone a year or more. 
  • DO discuss the kind of wedding you want, and have frank conversations with your families about cost.
  • DON’T rush to print and mail “save the dates” — or better yet, skip them altogether! Through facebook, twitter, etc., those closest to you will know the date.

….more to come 🙂



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