Something for the MOB

A thought for all you brand new mothers-of-bride out there– go out and browse all you want, but don’t buy your MOB dress too early!

I found a dress I loved nine months before my daughter’s wedding, stuck it in a closet and considered it done until it was shoe-shopping time a month before the wedding. Long story short, when I tried on the whole ensemble, it didn’t zip! Off to Weight Watchers for me to begin a month of dieting– a stressor I did not need.

Take-away advice here is to either buy your dress closer to the event, or try it on OFTEN for fit checks! People loved my sleeveless, fitted navy lace dress, but to be honest, I wish I had covered up a bit more. After all, we are MOBs, and no matter how fit we may be FOR OUR AGE we are not as young as either the bride or her attendants. Even with a little photo-shopping, the pix don’t really lie.

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