A wedding planner: Do you need one?

There’s no quick answer for this one because there are a bunch of variables. Some questions to consider: Will it be a big wedding (more than 150)? Do you have a nice sized budget? Do you have multiple stops(hotel, chapel, pictures, reception hall)? Are you holding the party at an unconventional venue?

If you answer “yes” to any of these, you might consider a wedding planner. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a pro with a hefty hourly fee, or that you need someone to orchestrate every detail of the planning. But you may need some help managing all the moving parts on the big day itself.

Here’s my story, and what I would do differently. My daughter and I did all of the planning (with our big binder). We are both teachers and had the summer months to get it all together for a late August wedding. But on the day of the wedding itself, it would have gone much more smoothly to have someone else in charge for the day.

MOB, do you have a good friend who can assume that role? No high-priced pro needed– just an organized friend with a clipboard, a cell phone and a watch. It would actually be a great wedding gift to give! Another option is to see if professional planners can give you a wedding day only option.

Take-away message: On such an emotional and busy day, don’t assume– like I did– that you can handle it. Get someone else, and give them a detailed itinerary along with key contacts and cell numbers.

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