Some advice for brides on a budget

Thought I would share some tips from an article I saw today from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution > David Tutera’s advice for brides on a budget by Nedra Rhone.

Tutera, host of We TV’s “My Fair Wedding” offered the following tips I think are spot-on:

1. Trim the guests. “If you have 150 guests, really look at the list and see if you can scale it down to 100,” he says. His rule? “When you look at the photos in 10 years, will you know who these people are?”

2. Downsize the drinks. Tutera suggests choosing a specialty drink and serve wine and prosecco instead of champagne. My own thoughts: Why not offer the specialty drink plus beer and wine? And I love the prosecco idea.

3. Cut the cake. I agree that you don’t need a $2,000 cake. Spending too much here is probably not the best allocation of funds. He suggests maybe having an ice cream bar and just a small cake for cutting. We had a nice choice of cakes that came with our catering package. I don’t believe anyone in our family even HAD the cake, so there you go.

and my favorite piece of Tutera advice…

Be YOU and don’t copy someone else. “Couples get lost in all the craziness. They are so blurry-eyed by too much information, (the wedding) loses the personality of who they are. If you can remind yourself that there are two of you and you need to tell the story of who you are as a couple, you set the trends.”

2 thoughts on “Some advice for brides on a budget

  1. My daughter-in-law was determined to have a full bar…open throughout the entire wedding reception. After looking at potential cost and all of the pros and cons she still went forward with the open bar. Nicest bars usually are a variety of reds and whites with beer and a signature drink. Classy.

    Lauretta Viglianco Sent from my iPad

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