Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Everyone knows that women are genetically programmed to love shoes! More than just an accessory to the bridal gown, shoes have become the star of the photography shoot, and countless brides overspend on the perfect “photogenic” shoe. Before you are one of those brides, consider this:

In her post “12 wedding rules every bride should feel free to break,” Maressa Brown on Huff Post says “having photogenic designer shoes” is #7. She is right! Is it worth blowing a budget for one photo of your stunning shoes? Because that’s all anyone will see of them. Does that mean finding shoes will be easy? Heck, no. For us, it took longer than finding the perfect wedding gown. Here are our tips:

1. Realize that you will be changing often into those white flip-flops as you traipse around your photo shoot and, later, dance the night away. And when buying those flip-flops, get a bit of a wedge so your dress doesn’t drag.
2. High-end department store shoe departments no longer carry bridal lines (we asked). You have to purchase online.

3. White and ivory shoes are hard to find! Take advantage of Zappo’s great selection and free shipping in both directions. For about a month, UPS was at our house nearly every day, as the bride, MOH and MOB tried and rejected countless pairs of shoes.

4. Shop for shoes early and leave plenty of time for this. Brides, you need the shoes for your dress fittings.

5. Chain warehouse stores like DSW have a pretty good selection of bride-worthy shoes. That’s where my daughter finally found hers (pictured above). And they were well under $100!

1 thought on “Shoes, shoes, shoes!

  1. Here’s a p.s. to the shoes post –> A couple of good designers for bride, bridesmaid and MOB shoes (that won’t break the bank) are Nina and Badgely Mischka….

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