We can’t control the weather…

On this absolutely beautiful weekend, which seems to be about a 10 from coast to coast, I’m reminded of how weather-obsessed we all become as the big day draws near! Many brides are fortunate to have gorgeous wedding days, but those with “weather issues” are no less elated on the big day, and neither are their guests.

If we agree that we can’t control the weather, then what is the point of this post? The point has three parts:

1. When planning your wedding, don’t assume the weather will cooperate. To wit, a beach wedding will be just lovely on a balmy, 70-degree day. But what if wind-swept rain is what you get? What’s your plan B? Remember, even if the last-minute tent has roll-down sides, it can still be pretty miserable under it.

2. When choosing a venue, imagine it in the rain. Do you still love it? My daughter’s venue was on a river, with gorgeous views. But I reminded her to look at the room and picture rain outside. Could she still imagine her reception there? She could.

3. Have a contingency plan for pictures. If it’s pouring or windy and you can’t do your pictures in at the river/garden/beach or wherever you had planned to do them. then what’s the plan? Think about this ahead of time, and plan to take more photos in the church or in a suitable area at your reception site.

…oh, and make sure the limo guys have nice big golf umbrellas in their trunks!

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