Rice, birdseed, bubbles? A tradition for a ‘fruitful and prosperous union’

One of the oldest and most enduring wedding traditions is throwing rice, or some other form of “confetti” on the newlyweds as they exit the ceremony.

Although theories about the origins of this custom vary, it is thought to have stemmed from an ancient pagan tradition of throwing wedding rice (or some other grain) on a couple in order to wish them a fruitful and prosperous union. Over time, couples began choosing more “eco friendly” confetti options, like birdseed. Kate Harrison, creator of greenbrideguide.com, offers 5 eco-friendly confetti ideas– check out the link below for some fun ideas.

We chose bubbles, which were easy to order through bridal sites and made for pretty pictures. As for getting them into the guests’ hands, enlist a couple of children who will be attending the ceremony to greet guests as they arrive with a printed program, and hand out bubbles as guests leave the ceremony.

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