Ceremony Checklist

Whether your ceremony is held in a chapel, church, or even a room adjacent to the reception, here is a checklist of things you may need:

1. Marriage license! We know firsthand that this can be overlooked. You need it at the ceremony so the officiant can sign and post it. Trust this to your best man, father of the bride, wedding planner, or other responsible participant.

2. The rings — the classic best man responsibility.

3. Programs to hand out as guests arrive. These can be simple, printed card stock. Have your invitation printer design one to match your suite, or make one yourselves. Check out the link below for a nice program option.

4. Bubbles, little pre-made packages of birdseed or confetti, or whatever your guests will toss at the happy couple as they exit the ceremony venue.

5. Candles in holders, if the couple will include some type of candle lighting as part of the ceremony. Don’t forget matches.

6. If you will incorporate the Jewish tradition of breaking a glass, bring what you need for that too (tip: a lightbulb in a velvet bag makes a satisfying sound when stomped).

7. Flowers to decorate the altar or place where the couple will stand to recite their vows.

8. A plan! Even if you don’t have a formal rehearsal, definitely do a walk-through so everyone knows their roles. My daughter’s groomsmen really had no idea that their primary responsiblity was to seat the guests. Assume nothing.

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