Wedding Gift Theft: Steps to avoid the wedding spoiler we don’t like to think about

My friend Terri, who searches wedding sites almost as much as I do, shared an article with me recently about wedding gift theft. Can’t get much lower than stealing from newlyweds as they celebrate the most joyous event in their lives!

As soon as I read it, I flashed back to my daughter’s reception, where envelopes spilled out of the artsy bird-cage thingy we placed on the gifts table– there were envelopes everywhere, and I remember thinking how easily one of them could get misplaced, thrown out, or (sad to say) stolen. There really is no polite way to call someone and say, “hey, if you gave us something, it wasn’t in the pile– just checking!” Just think of all the people in and out of the party room– music people, photography/videography people, catering staff, sketchy relatives or sketchy dates of relatives…. you get the idea.

Check out the link below for some simple preventative measures to take. The only thing worse than being robbed during your reception would be suspecting someone at your wedding!

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