Wedding Dress Shopping: Mother may know best, but don’t tell that to the bride


When it comes to the wedding dress, as mother of the bride, you’ll either be involved in the selection of the wedding dress, or you won’t. If you will take part, you may feel a complicated mix of joy and dread (if you’re a mother of girls, you know what I mean). I’ve seen a few cringe-worthy scenarios on “Say Yes to the Dress,” and I most certainly learned a few things from my own experience.

Here a few tips for being a helpful partner in the process:
1. Give your daughter a wide berth at the early stages when she’s combing brides magazines and the internet. Don’t burst her bubble by immediately pointing out what won’t flatter. DO give her a subscription to a bridal magazine, but do it early because it takes a couple of months before the subscription kicks in.

2. She may have more ideas about what she DOESN’T want more than what she does. My daughter said NO STRAP-LESS, but I had a feeling a strap-less gown would look stunning on her. Wait until you’re in a salon and ask the shop attendant to bring one in for her to try. Sneaky but effective, especially when the “suggestion” doesn’t come from you. P.S. she wore strap-less.

3. When you start visiting shops, make sure your daughter has good undergarments. Showing up in a ratty sports bra will sabotage a few style trials!

4. Tell her she looks beautiful. In everything. But REALLY beam when she tries the one you just know will flatter her best.

5. Don’t bring too many people along. Too many opinions is counterproductive. But if the bride has a sister, definitely bring her along. She can be brutally honest like you can’t.

6. Boost your girl’s spirits if the first day out is disappointing. It may take a few stores, but she will find her dream dress, and you’ll both know it when she does.

Above all, have fun! Soak it in, have a few laughs, and make sure you plan a stop for a yummy lunch or a glass of wine at the end of the first day.

For fun, check out the link below for today’s top wedding dress trend, courtesy of Huffington Post wedding blog.

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